Pre-order dishes available
at the Wharf

FRIDAY to Sunday

Our fabulous Plat de Fruits de Mer

8 rock oysters, whole dressed crab, Atlantic shrimps, whelks, surf clams,
Native mussels, Mediterranean prawns, cockles
(Minimum 2 persons) £44.50 per person
Additional 1/2 lobster £22.50

Assiette de Fruits de Mer

3 rock oysters, crab, pink prawns, mussels, cockles & whelks £26.00

Dressed Dorset crab, potato salad & mayonnaise £18.75

Six garlic roasted large Mediterranean prawns, pommes frites £18.50
Six large Mediterranean prawns, mayonnaise & potato salad £18.50

Lobster mayonnaise, potato salad (Half 375g) £22.50; (Whole 750g) £44.85
Grilled lobster, garlic butter, pommes frites (Half 375g); Whole 750g) £44.85

The above menu is a sample menu and may be subject to variation and change.

12.5% discretionary service charge will be added to your bill. VAT is included. Reg. GB 323 7188 04.
All dishes may contain traces of nuts. Some of our dishes contain one of the fourteen key allergens.
Planning restriction – customers are requested to vacate the premises by 11.30pm